Most people are today using social media to help pass news updates. This is attributed to the high number of people using various social media platforms. According to 2015 statistics, 70% of Nigerian population are said to be on various social media platforms.

Do people always ready your social media updates on breaking news? Social media writing is known to be a new art for and it is important for one to master it in order to get readers pay attention to social media updates across all the platforms. This guide will provide you with killer tips in writing social media breaking news that will ensure they are easily noticed and ensures that your contents go viral.

1. Ensure you Abide by the Social Networking Rules

Are you tweeting into thin air or losing followers just because you are not following the social media networking rules? Though social media writing seems to be like your personal soapbox, there are five things you need to consider in order to build audience and ensure you are known in the industry.

2. Try Developing a Social Media Strategy

Your social media accounts are up and running and you are ready to send your first updates and tweets. However, you need to ask yourself if you have any social media strategy. In case you are thinking that your strategy is to just start writing tweets of the latest Nigerian breaking news today, you can consider this, in every 2-3 days a total of one billion tweets are being sent. Without having a proper social media strategy, there are chances you might be talking to yourself instead of connecting with the readers.

3. Ensure you Dig In order to strengthen Your Social Media Writing Skills

The social media will present media pros with a new idea and opportunity that will help find story sources, ideas, quotes and much more. The digging of these golden nuggets will take your skills of writing breaking news on social media to a completely new level. You will be crippling your updates and tweets by ignoring this basic research. It is also advisable that you start tapping into the pool of content in order to catapult yourself when compared to those people who just post in order to be heard.

4. Ensure you learn the Social Media Writing tricks for Twitter

It seems very easy and simple to write something that can engage your readers in 140 characters or even less. You might start wondering if writing a novel can be easier especially if you are trying to condense a 170 character tweet.

News writing for twitter is considered to be the fast paces and ultimate social media writing form. It is important that you always produce tweets which will stand out or you can easily get lost in the timelines of your followers.

5. Ensure you give proper attribution

Do you have the original content that you want to share via the different social media outlets? Part of mastering your social media writing skills should be being in a position to contribute your online sources well. Attribution will not only protect you but it can also be a great way to help build a network with your sources and trust.

6. Try Going beyond the Social Media Writing

Are you trying to change the world using your social media breaking new writing skills? Most of the people who refer to themselves as social media experts are always known to ignore the work “social”. They usually hop to the microphone without knowing the power that social media has. Social media breaking news writing should never be one sided.

7. Consider Using Social Media Writing to Help Build your Brand

It is important that you always use social media writing skills to help build your brand whether it is on Google+, Twitter of Facebook. Most of the quick thinking social media breaking news writers will always be writing about what is taking place and the social media will help strengthen the brand with each status update or tweet.

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