7-year-old girl loses

A 7-year-old girl has reportedly lost her sight after a neighbor allegedly poked her eyes with his fingers over a minor quarrel.

7-year-old girl loses

According to Facebook user, Ozoemena Gift, who shared the tragic story online, the said neighbor poked his fingers into the minor’s eyes over a quarrel between their parents.

Ozoemena said she got wind of the incident when she noticed that the victim whom she simply identified as Mmesoma, and her mom stopped coming to work at an oil mill in Anambra state.

7-year-old girl loses

She further claimed that the neighbour who resides in Nawfija, Orumba South, is not remorseful about his actions and is still walking free.

She has now called on the appropriate authorities to wade into the matter and help the little girl.

Read her full post below,

“I’m angry.
I’m perplexed.
I’m sad.
God, I’m fxcking screwed right now.
This 7 year old girl has always been a huge support to the mother in the oil mill where I get my goods from.
Today, this small girl is blind.
Completely blind. Both eyes are damaged.
What happened?
A 17 year old neighbor of theirs inserted his hands in the eyes of this little girl over a little quarrel between their parents.
This lady on the second picture and her daughter will do all manner of works in the Mill until last week, they stopped coming.
I didn’t notice until yesterday when I saw her dragging this little girl along. Tears in her eyes and a bag filled with drugs in her palms.
When I asked her what’s the matter, she started crying. She sobbed uncontrollably, lamenting that her daughter has lost her eyes. She’s blind already.
I went numb.
I’m annoyed.
I’m perplexed.
I want this child to get help. The village isn’t doing anything about this. She’s a widow too.
I don’t know who to contact.
Please, can anyone help me with the best way to go about this.
She needs help.
This little child needs Justice.
Because the perpetrator is even boasting of the worse to come, I will want this to go viral until this little girl gets help.

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