Photos from this elderly couples wedding which took place in Zaria state recently has gotten Nigerians all emotional on social media.

73 year old man wed

According to Facebook user, Chinecherem Ebubechi, who shared their photos online, the groom is a 73-year-old Nigerian Evangelist, Matthew Owojaiye, while his bride is 63 year old Abosede Ayobola.

According to Chinecherem, this was the bride’s first wedding. The couple met 50 years ago. The groom had asked her out at the time but she turned him down. Many years later, they met again, found out they were both single and decided to give love a chance.

They got married at the Living Faith Church in Zaria in front of family members and friends.

73 year old man wed

73 year old man wed

See more photos from their wedding below



  1. Re: The Owojaiye’s wedding. He was not single but a widower, just remarried after the demised of his Precious Jewel.He is blessed with children and grandchildren. He is not Mr Owojaiye, but a man of God, Revivalists John The Baptist of our Time by God’s Grace he is Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye. He is my spiritual father and uncle from Egbe, Kogi state.


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