Nedu spills

Popular media personality, Nedu Wazobia has claimed that 90% of Nigerian male celebrities are either gay or bisexual.

Nedu, who appears to have insider information about the showbiz world, made this claim in a recent episode of his podcast, The Honest Bunch, while chatting with members of his crew.

According to the controversial media personality, majority of men in the entertainment industry are “friuty” – a slang word for homosexuality.

Nedu spills

However, he said he is certain that actor, Kunle Remi; skit maker, Mr Macaroni, and himself are straight men but he can’t vouch for the others.

This is coming days after he alleged that he walked in on two popular female influencers having threesome with his rich friend in a hotel in Abuja.

Watch the video below,

A while back, Nedu claimed most women go to Big brother Naija to get more customers to patronize their bodies.

Nedu shared this insight in a recent episode of his podcast “The honest bunch podcast” while chatting with members of his crew.

According to the popular host, Big Brother makes them popular without giving them a major means to sustain and maintain their newfound fame.

The ladies then begin a serious hunt for clients who might use their services which according to Nedu, is the prime motivation for their participation in the show.

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