Daddy Freeze has said a 100,000 seater church building is an absolute waste of resources, saying such structure is not needed to communicate with God.

The controversial OAP slammed Nigerian pastors with 2pac’s question asking if God needs 100,000 seater church buildings or shinny ceilings to talk to them. He wrote on Instagram;

A special message from the late Tupac Shakur to Paul Enenche and any other Nigerian preacher whose conscience can not tell him that the world poverty capital doesn’t NOT need church auditoriums that can seat 100,000 people. –

As far as I’m concerned Tupac is a greater prophet than all Nigerian pastors and GOs put together. –

In my honest opinion, t’s an absolute waste of the resources of the body of Christ entrusted into the hands of these men. –

I am still giving 1million Naira to Paul Enenche if he can prove with the scripture only that Christianity in nigeria needs such a wasteful building.



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