Queen Zahara, a female user of the microblogging social media platform, Facebook, has declared her debatable point of view on marital cheating.

And according to her school of thought, a man who cheats but provides for the need of his family is way better that a husband who does not cheat but cannot fend for his family. To her, such a man is worse than an infidel.


Contrary to belief that men would support the post and use it as a justification for their illicit dealings, most netizens were coloured shocked to see men attack the controversial statement. To them, the poster is dumb and even a cheat to begin with.

Some of these comments read,

@Sarki Bala Abubakar Well said, but a cheating husband can send you to early grave

@Obbi Chytra You are looking for support to justify your adultery, is very sinful to live in adultery, you are very unfaithful, a husband that did not provide today will provide tomorrow, life changes no one knows tomorrow.

@Ajoge Suleiman Madam, how do u mean? Cheater is better than a chaste man? Haha no, no.

@Mustapha Ohinoyi Sanni Don’t forget deadly diseases ooo

@Bombay Adewuyi Ademola Then you must also be cheating woman too I don’t agree to this

@Olowookere Sunday What if your cheating husband contracted HIV or any other sexual transmission disease and now transferred it to you! What is your gain and how would you explain yourself to God and ur own self?

What do you think, is she right?

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