A Nigerian man, Oluwatosin has caused stir online with his recent statement on women and the type of demands they make from the men they love.

According to Oluwatosin who took to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, if a woman loves a man, she will never ask him for money.

He tweeted: “A lady that loves you will never ask you for money!!!”.

The statement which sparked a debate, garnered various reactions from social media users.

Read some reactions below: @Luckflows wrote; Hehehehe even me that love myself gan I still ask myself for money.

@hamiltonawah: True but you go use sense dey give am money.

@oluwatosin_od: If no be say we dey bear the same name,I for abuse you small.

@sommiiiee; Because you have to always give her money before she thinks about it.

@martin_xavier_0; Not true, a lady that is pretentious or not free with you. Ladies are humans; humans find being given gifts, money inclusive as a sign of love.

@finefornoreason; Give her money always don’t wait for her to ask. @eraytee01 wrote; So asking for money denotes she doesn’t love you? Then

@SteadyWav3 replied; yes, especially if the asking get too much!!! you cant deeply love someone and still run them down with Bills.



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