A lady has taken to her social media page to drop a very controversial take on Feminism.

According to the lady identified as Amy George, a feminist can also be a prostitute and she gave a deep reason of the possibility.

Her post on facebook reads ;

You can be a feminist and also a prositute as prostitution doesn’t go against the concept of feminism

Below are some comments that trailed the post ;

Grace Edeh wrote ;

You can be a feminist and be a prostitute.
The definition of feminism is simple.
It is simply the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunity. You can have this belief and be a Muslim, Christian, prostitute, polygamist, monogamist etc..
The definition is clear.
Feminism doesn’t pander to anyone’s morality, biases or religion

Tochukwu wrote ;

Even Men who believe in patriarchy still do prostitution and have sugar mommas who feed them. So it doesn’t really matter.

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