Osi Suave

Popular radio personality, Osi Suave has opined that abortions should be legalized and recognized as a normal medical procedure.

 Osi Suave

Osi took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the unspoken conversation about abortion in Nigeria. According to him, women should be able to terminate their pregnancies without much hassle.

In his words,

“Abortions shouldn’t be criminalized, women should be able to get Abortions in safe places, with professionals on hand.
These are the issues.”

The topic has stirred a conversation on social media and some netizens have also shared their take on the issue.

See reactions below,

rantsofanaijachic wrote, “I agree. Cause it’s still gonna happen anyway so make it safe.”

lobasparks_ wrote, “Na true sha, so we don’t end up breeding children that we can’t cater for.”

adetaju_x wrote, “True.. It’s their choice.. Nothing should be criminalistic about it”

@usaniosim wrote, “Well, I do know that Abortion should only happen if and only if the pregnancy puts the health of the mother in danger !”

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