Chika Ike Celibate

Sequel to our post on Chika Ike’s new real estate business venture – the actress wants you to know that her new business was borne out of sheer hard work – not from anything shady.

She also says her new venture has put her far above her mates and Nollywood colleagues.

Below is what she wrote on Instagram:


“As a woman people have a way of disregarding your successes ,they attribute it to so many unthinkable things to reduce your achievements. As women we are strong,powerful,intelligent,smart and driven.

“We can achieve whatever we set our minds to achieve. I told myself 5 years ago that I’ll start my real estate company and I stand today to say I’ve been able to achieve most of my set goals, I say this without pride but to encourage young women out there . I’m a hard worker ,I’ve worked for virtually everything I have today with also the grace of God on my side.

“People are going to say all sorts,call you names to make themselves feel better ,but hey , don’t listen ,just stay focus on your set goals. It’s not going to be easy ,but trust me ,it will be worth it. I like what I like, I love the designer shoes ,bags ,dresses and splurging on vacation when I want to and that isn’t bad if you can but also set aside money for investments and helping the needy because life is full of hills and Valleys . Peace.”



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