Man who called

A young Nigerian man, Richard Osita, has slammed the Nigerian Police Force for not taking his complaint against a woman who falsely accused him of rape seriously.

Recall that Richard recently made headlines when he called out the young lady, Bella Nwoko, for threatening to falsely accuse him of rape.

He claimed Bella, whom he had always seen as his younger sister, had threatened to ruin his reputation by accusing him of rape on two occasions.

Man who called

He stated that the first time was in 2021, when he turned down her sexual advances, and the second time was last week, when he asked her to repay the money she owed him.

To corroborate his claim, he posted a video of the young lady apologizing to him for threatening to taint his reputation. Watch here

In a new update, Osita said he went to a police station to file a complaint against the lady but claimed that the police did not take him seriously.

He then accused police operatives in Nigeria of not caring about men’s right. He further revealed that they only attended to him after he called them online.

Richard wrote,

“This is the problem with Nigeria, they don’t make female on male crimes seriously!
I spent the whole of yesterday in the police station and I haven’t seen any notable action being taken, just stupid questions and dragging their feets around @nigeriapoliceforce
I’m here again right now and
I’m being told to “chill”
1just want this dirty thing to end but they obviously don’t care about Men in this useless country &.
useless country, had to call them out online before they took the case.”

See below,

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