Drama Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye and his wife, Gloria Bamiloye are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary today, October 8th, 2021.

The founder and President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries took to his official Instagram to gush over his wife, showered praises on her and thanked her for doing life with him.

In his heartfelt note to his wife he noted that if God had not been merciful to him and prevented the ladies he had proposed to initially to turn him down, he would have missed marrying his purpose partner, Gloria.

He wrote,

“TO GLORIA THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT… I have written this before and I felt compelled to write it again, because I am happy to write it again. On October 8th, 1988, on our Wedding Day, a member of our ministry met me as I was coming out of the Wedding Reception and said this profound statement that I have never forgotten since that day.

She said: “Bro Mike, Our ministry has now just began” And that was after three years that our ministry had began, a ministry member saying it was the day I go married the ministry actually began. I did not understand the statement, until I began to understand through diverse experiences.

Today, on the thirtieth year of the marriage that began 32 years ago, I can confidently say with proper understanding, that I would never have gotten any successful ministry without You GLORIA OLUSOLA ALABA. If my God had not had mercy on me and had prevented all those sisters I had blindly proposed to initially to turn down my proposals, If any of them had said YES to my proposals, I would have missed it in life and for ever, because I would have missed marrying you, GLORIA OLUSOLA ALABA.

But God had mercy on me, they all turned down my proposals and I thought God was against me, not knowing that God was planning my future for me by guiding my feet to the actual bone of my Bone and Flesh of my Flesh. I therefore, thank the Lord God of Heaven, that I did not make the greatest mistake of my life.

No Wonder I am succeeding in ministry. No wonder I am looking younger as I grow in age. You have not overused me, I thank you.

GLORIA, You are a rare Gem. I thank the Lord for you Life. I am so fortunate I was bold enough to approach you and
Proposed to you 35 years ago. And I thank the Lord you obeyed the Lord to answer to my Proposal. I thank the Lord we were married 32 years ago.

I thank the Lord we were blessed with a wonderful ministry. I thank the Lord we are blessed with fantastic ministry members. I Thank the Lord you have supported me all the way till now. I thank the Lord for your Life.
I love you then. I still do love you Now. And I will continue to love you for life. And in Heaven, since the Lord says The Two shall be One, I am certain, that, We shall live together in one big Mansion In the Heavenly City when we are done in the World.

God bless you, GLORIA OLUSOLA BAMILOYE. I am thanking God for YOU today on behalf of DAMMY, ELLA and Gloria.
On behalf of JOSHUA and TOLU, and on Behalf of LAWRENCE, DARA and PROPHET ELIJAH-MIKE. GLORIA, May the Lord bless you abundantly always. – FROM: BRO MIKE.”