Nigerian lady expresses shock as her pregnant friend shamelessly devours a combination of different meals in a restaurant.

In the video shared, the lady @bestofviiv disclosed that she had taken her pregnant friend out on a lunch date when she proceeded to display an unimaginable scene in the public space.

The viral clip revealed her pregnant friend, who was satisfying her cravings by devouring different meals simultaneously. The pregnant lady firmly consumed a handful of popcorn, a plate of jollof rice and a plate of assorted meat without batting an eye.

She captioned the video,

“I didn’t know embarrassment until I took my pregnant friend out. She can’t even breath”

The lady mentioned that she had never encountered such a moment of awkwardness until her friend satisfied her pregnancy cravings without breathing for a second.

Internet users claimed that the pregnant lady was conscious of her environment unlike other pregnant women, who feel unconcerned to the extent of taking their underwear and wig off.

Viewers have shared their opinions and experiences on how pregnancy hormones tend to unveil the shocking personality of a pregnant lady.

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@favourzara1 If nah me I for don commot that wig and my bra put am for bag 😂😂

@preciousaduke0 She wants to eat everything at once but don’t know where to start from😂😂God bless her❤️😂

@thethick_fola she even try, she wear wig, wristwatch… pls give her flowers😁

@okm_herbal Preggy mummies, I’m sure we all can relate especially when that pregnancy hunger gets tuned up to a 100, you no go send anybody’s papa at that time abeg😂

@rare_gem547 I embarrass my man everyday.. it’s not our fault.. it’s two in one 😂😂😂

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