Yul Edochie reacts

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has reacted to a lady who took to social media to share her date experience with a man she is richer than.

The woman revealed on Twitter that she went on a date with a man and arrived at the location in her car. However, after the date, the man, who was unaware that she owns a car, booked an Uber for them.

Yul Edochie reacts

In order not to embarrass him by telling him she came with a car, she hopped into the Uber ride with him which dropped her off at home, then returned back to pick up her car.

She tweeted,

“This guy asked me out on a date and I met him there. When we were about to leave he ordered an Uber I didn’t want to make him feel bad so I left in the Uber with him. He dropped me off at mine and left so I ordered bolt back to the where we had our date and drove my car home”.

Yul Edochie reacts

In response to the lady’s tweet, Yul Edochie expressed his displeasure with her for pretending not to own a car in order not to bruise her date’s ego.

According to him, it is wrong to lower one’s standards in a bid to please others. He also advised women to be themselves when around men, stating that the right man will not be intimidated by them.

He tweeted,

Never lower your standard or be who you’re not to please anyone.
Be yourself.
In fact offer to drop him off with your car.
If he’s the right guy for you he’ll not be intimidated.”

See his response below,

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