adunni ade shares

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade has taken to social media to share her inspiring weight loss journey to motivate other women.

Adunni Ade shares

The mother-of-two revealed that she has been battling with her weight for three years. According to her, during the 3-year period, she stopped exercising and working out, which led to the weight gain.

Adunni Ade shares

The actress added that after a month of consistent work out, she has lost 6kg without supplements or weight loss pills.

The 42-year old model shared photos of herself flaunting her hot body and wrote,

“This weight issue I’ve been battling for almost 3 years has finally been conquered. I literally stopped working out for almost 3 years straight. All my life even with kids remained a size 4-6(US) all of a sudden Amala, rice and Ko took over. It is definitely not an easy task. From Jan lost 6 kg (13+ lbs) I’m good with that. Look ! My fellow women and mothers, do not be pressurized, slow and steady you’ll get there. No supplements, pills, herbs Just pure workout
Good morning 🤍”

See her post below,

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