Debbie Shokoya tearfully

Popular Nollywood actress, Deborah Ajijolajesu Shokoya, better known as Debbie Shokoya, has shared the heartbreaking story of how she lost her pregnancy at 8 months.

The thespian took to her Instagram page to tearfully recount her sad and traumatizing experience on Thursday, August 17.

Debbie Shokoya tearfully

She disclosed that many people knew that she was pregnant and were expecting to receive news of the birth of her child, but sadly, some things happened and she lost the pregnancy.

She said the loss shattered her heart because she had already formed a bond with her child and was anticipating her arrival. She also pleaded for understanding and urged people not to judge her harshly.

Her words,

“I will like to tell my story myself, that’s why I am making the video right now.

Almost everyone knows that Debbie Shokoya is pregnant and expecting and with all glory to God, I lost my child at 8 months.

That’s to tell you that I choose to speak on what I want to speak about. If I don’t want to speak about it, I wouldn’t talk about it.

Debbie Shokoya tearfully

Be careful what you will say cause words are sensitive. I am a mother, I carried my child for 8 months. I sacrificed a lot for my child, I know what I went through. How I traveled with the joy of coming back with my child, but God understands right?

It’s not easy, I carried my child for 8 months, bonded with my child but lost my child”.

Watch her speak below,

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