Habibat Jinad accuses

Actress, Habibat Jinad has taken to social media to appeal to her colleagues in the Yoruba film industry to let her ‘live in peace for the sake of her son’.

Habibat, speaking in a video shared on her verified Instagram page, said she has allegedly been blacklisted in the industry over some rumours being peddled against her within the industry.

According to her, she has heard different unfounded reports about herself that has left her in shock, and she appealed to them to stop the attacks.

She accused her female colleague, Yetunde Bakare, of spreading a false rumour about her, and preventing people who want to help her career from working with her.

Habibat Jinad accuses

Though she didn’t share details of the alleged rumour, she begged her colleagues to confirm the authenticity of a rumour from her first before believing it and ‘cancelling’ her.

Habibat posted the video and wrote,

“I am begging you all for the sake of my son.
Please and please , I’m begging you in the name of God .
I have fought so many battles and I’m still standing, I have been broken, destroyed, rejected and abandoned but I am still walking proud. Please let me live in peace for the sake of my son🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.”

Watch her speak below,

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