Popular Nollywood actress, Peggy Ovire, has responded to a lady who opened up about having sleepless nights over her husband, Frederick Leonard.

Peggy had taken to her Instagram page to share photos of herself and reiterate her status as Frederick Leonard’s wife when the lady decided to tell the actress how she feels about her husband.

Taking to the comment section of Peggy’s post, the lady, while gushing over Peggy’s post-marital glow, noted that she and a host of other female fans of Freddie who had a crush on him haven’t recovered from the heartbreak of his marriage to Peggy.

She further disclosed that this has resulted in several sleepless nights for her.

“Marriage to our freddie has given you too much glow. while some of us who married him in our dreams haven’t recovered from the heartbreak. As i speak we going through sleepless nights…it is well Peggy”, the lady wrote.

Reacting to the lady’s confession, Peggy sympathized with her by telling her ‘Sorry’.

See their exchange below.

Just recently, Peggy Ovire replied to a man who tried to publicly shoot his shot at her.

It started after Peggy, who’s married to fellow Nollywood star Frederick Leonard, shared stunning new photos of herself on her Instagram page.

The follower, who seemed entranced by Peggy’s beauty, ignored the fact that she was married and made an attempt to flirt with her in the post’s comment section.

Meanwhile, sharing the photo Peggy had in her caption restated her position as Freddie’s Wife, but this did not deter the audacious follower from openly shooting his shot.

“Hellurrrr Sweeryyyy!! Let me get your number real quick. How would you like Dubai or Italy for one day? That your brother @freddieleonard won’t know.. 🤓”, the man wrote.

Interestingly, his comment caught the actress’ attention and she reacted.

She turned down his offer of a vacation to Dubai or Italy, stating that her husband can afford both.

“@chaz_tv 😂🤣🤣🤣 but he can afford both nah 😂😂”, she wrote.

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