Regina Daniels has once again gone on a luxury shopping spree, and she’s shown off a 3.5 million naira watch she just acquired, just a few days after she acquired a multi-million naira car.

Prior to buying the car, Regina Daniels acquired her mother a multi-million naira house for standing by her…

Prior to the house, she acquired a Mercedez Benz SUV.

Folks on Social Media have questioned her source of income, and they’ve said acting cannot pay her such huge amount of money!

See the photos of her luxury shopping;



  1. She is fine girl, i like her and i love her moving, she is big enough, why some people are just going about and talking nonsense, she is enough to buying the car 🚗 and house 🏡 and watch

  2. Nne i love to see you were good things but biki nwanyioma can you help me with some fund so i can start a business of my own at least be dependent just like you. I would appreciate if you would help me achieve my goal.


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