Teenage Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has refuted the reports which says that she secretly married Billionaire, Ned Nwoko in Asaba.

According to a report by TheCapital news, Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko’s introduction wedding took place last weekend with few guests who were told not to take pictures because the billionaire doesn’t want any noise about it since she’s the sixth wife he’ll be getting married to.

Actress Regina Daniels speaks

The actress has now reacted to the now viral news on social media where fans are now attributing the alleged affair to the source of the two brand new Mercedes Benz, Rolex wristwatch and house she recently flaunted in the space of a month.

Sharing a lovely photo of herself on IG, the actress wrote;

“Rumors plsssssss, not anymore”



  1. Regina why did married your grandfather because of matiria things? Nawa for you oo…….. so we didn’t have young youth in this country anymore

  2. Marriage is all about choice, live the young woman to enjoy herself even if is her great grandpa she choose to marry, live her to be. It is better to marry her father’s mate than flirting with all these use and dump guys of our time. Many people are jealous of her because her man is a billionaire. In as she’s happy with the man, let her be. Enjoy yourself my love #reginadaniel

  3. Go ahead sweet heart. Enjoy your life while u can. Forget about The toothless bulldogs.they can’t feed u, The have never seen a Rolex wrist watch before. HML girl

  4. my sister enjoy urself o. forget all this ppl and their noise. take good care of ur family too. but dont forget God who made it possible for you. use ur wealth to serve God my sister.

  5. You know the reason I dont like most Nigeria girls una too day pretend; at the end of the day if this same opportunity comes knocking at your door abeg una go accept so please stop all the am shocked am suprised she Is too young abeg make una stop age Is just number she is married to the man not his side chick’s please regina ask your husband if he need a 7th wife abeg am available 🤗🤗🤗😘😘🤣make I fellow you day enjoy too my sister suffer wow kill me oooo

  6. Mah Dhia Itz yah lyf nd Itz yah choice Neva yhu luk back bcauz of fans sake nd endulge yahself n Waht yhu don’t wanna do later regret it kk
    move on wid yah lyf Dhia cauz Itz yah lyf dey aiint gonna live it 4 yah……

  7. My dear I love the step you took there are so many girls out there looking for a man to get married to them after rejecting the once coming for them.

  8. my dear,if him brother dey find the tenth wife let me know, it’s ur life baby gal u will give account of it

  9. Now u can see how desperate Nigerian girls of nowdays are. Senseless and stupid. All of them are supporting her.

  10. She not senseless and useless. You guys should let the innocent girl enjoyed her marriage
    Even you will do the samething

  11. Iffa hear say this kind offer come una way una no go grab am with joy… Even me won’t reject such So u guys should stop pretending,besides she chooses what’s best for herself.

  12. Nothing to say my dear is your choice, because me who married young guy is in hot soup.am going through a lot in my marriage. In my next world I will marry a man who is much older than me…and also Care for me.

  13. All dis Nigerian ladies saying all dis things ‘re waiting for such opportunities to come their way..Regina isnt d first to marry older men, Bianca ojukwu did it and it worked for her..no matter her age. Hausa men marries even 15 or below. Regina, enjoy ur new life dear..life is all abt choices.at least u ‘ve waved poverty and struggles bye bye

  14. Please you people should allow the girl enjoy herself while on the earth,we that married young guys how far? everyday fight.Celin Dion her manager that later became husband and wife nko.what was the Age different, but they were always happy,so people should mind there business and let her be.In my next life I will go for a older man that is more wealthy.abi nke oye re ko bu a ya na wa.meaning what ever you eat that is what you will go with.i will not suffer here on Earth and still suffer when I die.

  15. that u guys problems…..when she never become star una give her money ni???abeg make una go look for another thing say jor


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