Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, has with one hand, revealed why most A-list Nollywood actresses are single and with the other, advised other upcoming actresses concerning their love life.

Ruth Kadiri reveals

In a post on her Insta stories recently, the actress writes to upcoming Nollywood actresses, as she advises them to build their career and a relationship – if they want one – side by side, either though it may be hard.

In her own words, “Fame is a mirage” and one can’t say for sure, when it’s going to come, but one shouldn’t be cut off guard when it eventually does.

She wrote in full,

Dear upcoming actresses, while you struggle to build your career, if you’re one of those who will eventually want to settle down. Learn to build relationships side by side. It’s hard but try. Don’t wait till you’re a star. Fame is a mirage you do not know when it will come. When it eventually does, time might not be your friend anymore.

Story of most Nollywood actresses today

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  1. Iu disagree with u jor.What if they build the relationship side by side and it still doesn’t work out? Or must a relationship work out ni?Just bc u got lucky to find a husband at last shouldn’t make u talk rubbish

  2. The most thing I can say now is that all this fame people should put there self in serious prayer especially our Bollywood actor and actress cos I don understand anymore what is happening in that industry,i don’t know if what you people are acting is pursuing you or you people are people them I don’t really understand,i know how many people that has been buried in Ur industry you people GOD mostly in that your industry or else I still see more going same this year


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