Singer, Akon reveals

Senegalese-American singer and entrepreneur, Akon, has revealed that he was much happier when he was poor.

Singer, Akon reveals

He said this on Monday, October 4, while defending a statement he made in the wake of his colleague and friend, Michael K. Williams’ death in September 2021.

The 48-year-old singer had said the rich face more issues than the poor. He had used Williams’ death as proof that the more money people make, the more problems the have.

However, his statement didn’t sit well with some people and he was heavily criticized for downplaying the struggles of the poor masses.

Singer, Akon reveals

Speaking in a recent interview with TMZ, Akon maintained his stance, noting that he is speaking from experience because he has tasted both poverty and wealth.

His words;

“Nobody can sit there and tell me, that I didn’t go through poverty. I was the young African kid, barefoot and playing soccer in the village with no electricity, no running water, I knew what that looked like – believe me, I know what poverty looks like.

But I also know what success looks like, and from my personal experience, I’m having more problems successfully dealing with all that comes with success than I had when I was poor. I was actually happier when I was poor.”


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