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Adaeze Yobo, wife to Ex Super Eagles Captain, Joseph Yobo has called out her mother, Abigail Igwe on Instagram, commenting that she’s a stalker.

She said her trolling on social media is becoming quite creepy, adding that she is always commenting on all her post especially that of her children.

She thinks she has done other people a favour by stating that she has spoken on behalf of those who were itching to be blunt about their thoughts concerning her mother.

Adaeze Yobo and Hubby, Joseph Yobo
Adaeze Yobo and Hubby, Joseph Yobo

On Instagram, she wrote, “Dear mother, it’s quite creepy when you stalk me on every social media. Wetin you wan see? #shehasnopicsorvideos #evencreepier this is from all of us (since they too scared to speak up)@oby_igwe cant even post pics with guys in peace anymore. #motherthinksanyoneistheone she commented on my brothers post asking ‘who is she’? #abigailplixfaceyaworkeh”


  1. she is stupid to have caution her mum this way,this small pikin of yesterday,don’t u have manners?or maybe ur mum no train u well,this y u can disgrace her on socials instead of calling her privately.rubbish,for ur mind u don grow

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