Adaeze Yobo, the Beautiful Wife of Former Super Eagles Defender, Joseph Yobo is celebrating her child’s first birthday today .

Adaeze, who was once a beauty queen, took to Instagram to flood our TL with the beautiful photos of her daughter Lexine, and then shared a wonderful testimony of how her child came to the world .

Here’s a compilation of what she wrote ;

Ist scan showed it was Fibroid, 2nd scan (diff. hospital) showed it was Fibroid and pregnancy but an incomplete abortion (whatever that means) but that I had to flush yu out, which I (thought) i did.

A week later, i still felt sick so I called the Dr. and I was scheduled to surgically complete removal of the remaining tissue.

On my way going, the holy spirit directed me to go to another hospital which I did and was told you were still inside and I had no Fibroid.

instead of being happy, i cried and worried whether to keep you or not, worried if you will be normal after all the drugs n all. look at you now baby girl 😍

i remember calling and pulling all types of stunts for them to move the date for my C-sec from 13th to 14th so you can be a Valentine baby but to no avail.

You’re a star Lexine and you’ll always be my Val ❤

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