Ahmed Isah says

Nigerian activist and radio personality, Ahmed Isah, has sparked a debate online over his stance on men kneeling to propose to a woman.

Speaking in a video making rounds online, Ahmed Isah said it’s not African for a man to kneel before a woman in the name of proposing to her, and any man who does that is a “finished” man.

Ahmed Isah says

He added that kneeling to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage shows who will be in charge of the relationship and marriage.

Watch him speak below,

Isah’s statement has since sparked varying reactions on social media, with many disagreeing with him.

@iamrhina wrote, “I like this man for his good works but you see this thing he’s saying, doesn’t make sense at all….”

@jummaizakari wrote, “With due respect sir, I think you are beginning to talk too much and it’s making you talk out of point. Try dey think well well sometimes b4 you talk bcos they are a lot of things you and I do that’s not our culture,so I advise you weigh ur words before you speak so you don’t use your words to destroy the the respect you have earned for your self over the years. God bless your good works sir”

@chiamydebelu wrote, “It is not african to wear shoes, clothes, caps, wrist watches etc also drive cars, ride planes, trains or boat, use cutleries use your hands instead. It is also not African to speak English, go to school, go to work, go to your farm instead. Please if I miss, put your own, let us all be mad. Everyday the same gist”

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