Viral video of a Ghanaian mother, who subjected her underage daughter to a severe punishment for being disrespectful to elderly people has left netizens dumbfounded.

The video shared on the microblogging platform, X, captured the girl’s mother speaking angrily to her in the Ghanaian local dialect. The Ghanaian mother’s voice could be heard in the background as she gives warning to her daughter.

Revealing in the video, the mother subjected her to a harsh punishment by forcing her to carry a heavy cement block while kneeling in salt. The underage daughter was recorded crying and pleading with her mother while she struggled with the heavy cement block above her head.

According to the Ghanaian mother, she was punishing her daughter for consistently being disrespectful and disobedient to the elderly people in the house.

The video has garnered lot of reactions from social media users, with many stating that African parents should be praised when it comes to child discipline.

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@SolomonAbugah African parents never disappoint, different types and weird punishment everywhere. This is bad, sometimes you just need to talk to the kid but if it will straighten the child’s character why not

@_Filta_ Allow people train their kids how they want. You have no say in the kind of punishment someone gives the child. Social media age makes a lot of people want to have a say in people’s lives

@_JayBlue_ These girls will learn and never disrespect any older person any more. Learn to appreciate the African ways, why you have being a person came through some of these punishments

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