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“Na agbalumo seeds be that?”- Netizens React As Lady Shares The Unexpected Ingredients She Found In A Parfait She Bought In Ekiti (WATCH)

In a viral video, a lady took to social media to share a shocking experience with a parfait she purchased.

The lady, who had high expectations of a delightful yogurt treat garnished with fruits and nuts, was shocked to discover an assortment of shocking toppings in their parfait.

Instead of the expected fruity goodness, the disappointed customer found toppings like beans, kpomo (cow skin), cucumber, and other toppings that seemed completely out of place in a traditional parfait.

The unexpected combination left the lady confused and prompted her to share the unusual encounter online.

Accompanying the post was a caption that read, “When you buy parfait from Ekiti people,” followed by laughing face emojis.

The post quickly gained traction and went viral, capturing the attention and curiosity of social media users online.

The incident has sparked a wave of humor online, with netizens expressing their surprise and amusement at the unusual looking parfait.

Many users flooded the post with humorous comments and shared their own stories of unexpected surprises when buying meals and certain dishes.

As the video continues to circulate online, Netizens and viewers are left wondering about the reason behind the unusual parfait and whether it was an intentional creation or a mix-up in the kitchen.

Watch the video below:

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