An alleged graduating student of the University of Benin has had tongues wagging over the inscription of her signing out tee after a video of her, donning the shirt was shared on the internet.

It’s become sort of a custom in most Nigerian universities that after writing their final exam, graduating students don white tees so others may be able to “sign out” on them… Some of these tees are now usually customized with inscriptions that projects how the student feel.

Some of these popular inscription that’s been seen online, “nah mumu dey do masters”, “B.Sc in the bag”, “I’m one degree hotter”, “even with evil uncles I still graduate”

Well, that of this lady caught the eye of a lot of people with many having so much to say about the statement she makes through a piece of cloth… The inscription reads, Aggressive malpractice brought me this far which can be interpreted quite literally as she cheated her way through school.

The comments that trailed the video were none other than condemnation of foolery, with many pointing out that she’s only just written her final exam and should school authorities discover the video, she could face a rather severe penalty.

Watch a video of her celebrating below, (courtesy of IB9JA)

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