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“Ahhh that’s too much even for my biological mother”-Mixed Reactions As A Nigerian Mother-in-Law Is Seen Washing Her Daughter-in-law’s Underwear (VIDEO)

In a surprising video that has caught the attention of netizens, a Nigerian lady has shared a rather unusual sight of her mother-in-law washing her underwear.

The video, posted on her TikTok page @user8865819559349, has sparked mixed reactions from viewers.

In the video, the lady expresses her heartfelt appreciation for her mother-in-law, acknowledging her kindness and the special bond they share.

However, it is the act of her mother-in-law washing her underwear that has raised eyebrows and sparked a debate among online users.

The video shows the mother-in-law diligently washing the lady’s undergarments, while another pile of her laundry awaits its turn on the floor.

In no time, viewers expressed their differing opinions flooding the comment section.

While some netizens find the gesture endearing and shows the close relationship between the two, others have expressed concerns about personal boundaries and questioned why she allows her mother-in-law to perform such a task.

As the video continues to go viral, it has undeniably garnered significant attention and sparked discussions about cultural norms, and individual preferences within family relationships.

While some applaud the lady’s mother-in-law for her kind act, others criticize the arrangement, claiming personal boundaries should be maintained.

Watch the video below:


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