Popular Gambian socialite, Aisha Fatty has been sued by her former fiancé, Senegalese-Gambian business tycoon, Abdoulaye Thiam, to reimburse all of the money and presents he gave her while they were engaged.

Aisha, a former State House protocol officer who was born to Gambian and Egyptian parents, once wed player Tijan Jaiteh, but their union did not last long.

The Standard Newspaper Gambia reported on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, that Aisha suddenly called off the engagement and vanished after getting millions of Dalasi from the business magnate.

The court documents state that a Senegalese woman, Myam Siam, introduced Abdoulaye to Aisha in Dakar, whereupon they started a cordial relationship.

The lawsuit claims that Abdoulaye and Aisha started dating later on and that he then proposed to her and started making wedding plans.

According to the statement of claim, the two traveled to Dubai together before the planned marriage and the plaintiff (Abdoulaye Thiam) paid US$ 100,000.00 for their wedding arrangements there.

They also traveled to Paris, where Abdoulaye claimed to have spent an additional 100,000 euros on luxury watches and luggage. The statement of claim states that an additional US $50,000.00 was provided to Aisha Fatty so she could purchase African clothing in Nigeria.

The statement also revealed that Abdoulaye has been providing Aisha with D180,000.00 per month for support since their planned nuptials.

However, despite all of Abdoulaye’s planning and spending in expectation of his marriage to Aisha, she declined to proceed with the ceremony, which was set to take place in December 2021.
The complainant, Aboulaye, also claimed in the lawsuit that Aisha Fatty received payments totaling D19,500,000.00 and Euro150,000.00 for the development of a villa at Fajara Waterfront and a three-story building complex, respectively, in the Gambia.

Additionally, Abdoulaye is asserting that CFA 822,000,000.00 was used to buy gold that was provided to Aisha for business purposes.

The plaintiff is also asking for a statement that a black Mercedes Benz GLE63 Braubus with the license plate BJL 4222W is actually his, or, in the alternative, for the amount of Euro 200.000.00, which is the car’s worth.

He is also seeking a court declaration that he is the bonafide owner of a white Mercedes Benz GLE 53 car with registration Number BJL 0999W or in the alternative the sum of US$102,000.00, being the value of the car.

The claim statement also stated that Aisha’s reluctance to proceed with the planned wedding resulted in significant financial losses for the plaintiff as well as humiliation among family, friends, and acquaintances who were properly invited to their nuptials.

According to the report, Abdoulaye is psychologically troubled by Aisha’s purported disappointment and will continue to experience reputational and financial harm if the matter is not settled in his favor.

The Inspector General of Police is also included in the suit because the cars are currently under the custody of the police.

While Aisha Fatty has still not gotten the hearing notice, the court has independently verified that the IGP has been served with it.

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