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“All my property, na my woman get am”- Labourer Says As He Praises His Wife For Her Unconditional Love Towards Him (VIDEO)

A Nigerian labourer has become an online sensation after expressing his appreciation for his wife’s love and support.

In a TikTok video shared by @faveamaka, the labourer affirms that any money he earns from his job will always belong to his beloved wife.

In the viral video, the man passionately declares:

“Even if work takes me to London, it belongs to my woman.

i swear to God. She is the one who gave birth to me, feeds me, and doesn’t even care that my teeth are missing.

She still chooses to live with me.

All my belongings are hers. Look at my teeth, yet my woman still loves me. That’s why I have plans for her.”

In no time, viewers expressed their differing opinions.

The man’s sincere words captured the attention of numerous social media users, who have flocked to the comment section to express their thoughts and views on the heartwarming video.

The video has garnered both humorous and sweet responses, with many praising the man’s dedication and hard work.

The video has sparked a wave of appreciation for the labourer’s sentiments, with individuals applauding his devotion and expressing admiration for the man’s love for his wife.


Watch the video below:




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