all or nothing cinemas

After months of post-production, ’All or Nothing’, A Kingsview Original Production, will start showing in the cinemas this weekend.

Produced by Peekaboo Production and directed by xxxxxxx, the movie is a creative portrayal of the effects of gambling and a gambler’s desire for redemption.

It follows the life of Lucky, a chronic gambler who just got born again and must do all he can to repay the debt he owes a street mafia or risk losing his life and that of his girlfriend.

An unemployed graduate and a chronic gambler, Lucky gets invited to church by a woman he saved from street touts and at the church he gets born again, determined to live a holy life. But his addiction to gambling takes over when he receives news that his mother is sick and needs urgent medical attention.

all or nothing cinemas

Afraid he’ll lose his mother if he doesn’t send money home; Lucky borrows money from a street mafia and fails to pay it back. The street mafia captures Lucky but cancels the debt after Lucky’s pastor intercedes.

A few months later, the street mafia shows up at Lucky’s doorstep with a bag and instructs him to keep the bag safe. He warns Lucky not to open the bag.

Lucky gives in to his urges, opens the bag and discovers a stash of cash. The next couple of days see Lucky breaking every new principle he now stands for as makes amends for his wrongs while trying to save those he loves who are now victims of his actions.

Producer of the film, Darlington Abuda says that ‘All or Nothing’ is a succinct approach to the gambling pandemic and how it takes a toll on the families and loved ones of addicts.

“This is an issue that is not given much thought in our countries today, but the numbers don’t lie. A look at the data on gambling addicts in Nigeria should give anyone reason to worry.

The movie also taps into one of Kingview’s core value of keeping viewers entertained while addressing societal issues,” he said.

Distributed by Silverbird Distribution, the movie stars the likes of IK Ogbonna, Abayomi Alvin, Chinenye Nnebe, Senator Comedian, Vikta Godvoice, Uzodinma Esther and a host of others.

Watch the movie trailer below,

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