Embattled Instagram skit maker, Bae U, has pleaded with Nigerians to leave his girlfriend, Mummy Wa, out of his alleged sex scandal.

Recall that the comedian was called out on social media a few days ago for demanding sex from women before featuring them in his comedy skits.

Reacting to the backlash he received in a video he shared on his Instagram page, Bae U apologized to his fans and noted that he had received every stone thrown at him. He, however, pleaded with those dragging his girlfriend, Mummy Wa, into the drama to leave her out of it.

According to him, his girlfriend is the only reason why the whole saga hurt him so much. He urged those dragging his girlfriend to stop, while noting that she doesn’t deserve any of the drags.

“I’m apologizing to my girl, Kemz Mama, for all the dragging or involving her in all this, she doesn’t deserve this…Please I need you to mention the name Bae U and leave Mummy Wa out of this. This girl doesn’t deserve this…I’ve read comments and this is too much for her”. He said in part.

Watch him speak below,

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