A lady’s pregnancy transformation has sparked concern from social media users.

The lady had taken to Twitter to share the transformation her body underwent by sharing photos of herself before and during pregnancy.

The photos showed the lady in a black dress looking stunning before her pregnancy and completely different in the ones taken during her pregnancy.

Her face doubled in size during the pregnancy, with her eyes, lips, and nose appearing extremely swollen.

She also shared a photo of her foot, which looked equally swollen.

Reacting to the photos, netizens expressed worry over the abrupt changes in her body.

“This is very dangerous when you are pregnant, nothing to laugh about, of not immediately taken serious she can lose the baby or herself”, A Twitter user wrote.

@kikimasibi, who shared the photos on social media, allayed people’s fears by revealing that the woman had given birth already and that the child is about two years old.

“The baby is around 2 years now”, she replied.

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In other news, congratulations are in order for a Nigerian pastor, Okoro Akpode Amos, and his wife, Grace, as they welcome a set of twins after 16 years of marriage.

The couple welcomed a set of twin boys on Christmas day, December 25 2022, after several years of waiting.

Friends, family and church members have gone online to congratulate the couple on the arrival of their bundles of joy.

“This is my friend Pst. Amos Okoro and his loving wife mama Amazing-Grace. They have waited for 16 years for children. Just yesterday, God proved again that He’s the master strategist, the master planner, the owner of our lives and destinies,” one Love Emwinghare wrote.

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