Delectable Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie is quite enraged over the victimization constantly meted out on her daughter by a teacher in her school.

The actress took to her IG page moments ago to air her displeasure over the unjust act against her kid. She revealed that the teacher deliberately bullies her daughter, Purity for the mere reason that she hates her (Mercy Johnson) as a public figure.

In her post which features a quite lengthy note, the mother of four narrated how this lady, who isn’t her daughter’s class teacher shows up in her class from time to time just to victimize the little girl.

Mercy noted that after confronting the lady, she boldly opened up on hating her with a passion and vouched to continue punishing her daughter whenever she feels like doing so.

This treatment according to Mercy Johnson has made her daughter dislike going to school. She wrote as caption,

What do you do when the teacher is actually the bully and your child the constant victim? Enough is enough, I have reported to the school authorities and I will see this to the end.

Read her post,

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  1. Let me just go straight to the point because am already upset right now reading your post is even making me more bitter.
    How can someone just hate someone for no reason up to the point of taking it upon the child hmmm am worry for that child .
    She even has the mind to tell you to your face 👀 that she will punish your daughter again and again even if she is right or wrong
    At the first place why is she allowed to your daughter class if she didn’t have anything to do in that classroom
    Or maybe your daughter teacher too is involved but she is just keeping it to her self and allowed the other teacher carry out the assignment
    It a plot and a join work your daughter teacher knows everything before now
    , pls you really have to be care always pray 🙏 for your kids before they leave for school and once they are back home
    Always dedicate them in the LORD anoint them
    The school Authority may have call her in order and put everything back in place and maybe she will apologizes and tell them she will not do it anymore , believe me that’s a lie from a bloody hell
    If you need to move the kids out of that school pls do
    It just my own opinion

  2. She’s taken the right step by reporting to the management of the school. I will advise you wait for their decision, and if nothing is done, you report to the police and thereafter withdraw your child from the school. Some people can go to the extreme to prove their hatred to others.

  3. Mercy is my sister. We’re from the same village and she has been my favorite actress. We always stand for justice, I believe that’s y some idiots hates her. I don’t like her because she’s my sister, I love her because she stand for the voiceless. That’s what we kogite does

  4. That teacher is very stupid by intimidating the small girl
    Why not her to come face the mother face to face as she crimed that she hate the mother of the girl
    Why making the small girl to be uncomfortable for her
    Infact the teacher her self disserve to the live the school she’s not wording to be a teacher

  5. I don’t know why people see celebrities as a thin god I don’t believe all this write up imaging how a teacher of ur daughter just hate u to an extend she extend it to ur daughter though I don’t really know what happened I will advice u to ask what your daughter do and settle it like a good mother not every issue that needs to come to social media

  6. Please withdraw your child from that school and report the matter to the police that if any thing should happen to your child she will be hard responsible A heart of man is full of weak even if that lady tells you sorry today she can still do undo

  7. This is so, disheartening after going through this write up. I’m a young teacher by profession and seeing such SMS written by my humble nollywood Mercy, it’s hurting. Corporal punishment has long been abolish and for a teacher to trumatize his pupils in school for no just cause irritates me.
    Pedagogically, learner’s are not allowed to be exposed through trumar rather, a good teacher should identify learner’s trumar and bring in possible solution to make them feel at ease in class so that, your set objectives should be obtained by all.
    The school administration should actually look in to this matter and take drastic measures rather than reign a future President (Purity) future because of “transfer aggression” Hating someone for no reason and transferring hatred from mother to daughter who did nothing to u is very bad. Mercy who loves her kids so, so, much
    So call madam, adjust and stand well

  8. Wat was her reason,wat did mercy did to her, why is she beating d daughter, to me d teacher have to leave d school. Bcos if person beat my chlid fr no reason, I no go gree ooo

  9. If u don’t like her mother then go to hell. But stop bulling innocent girl reason best known to you. God will punish you and your entire generation yet unborn.

  10. Shame on the stupid teacher.
    Shame on her.
    So , so mad 😡 right now.
    Just envy, which is a bad spirit.
    She should be sacked immediately.
    Totally unprofessional.

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