Blessing Adeniran, the mother of Whitney Omodesola Adeniran, the 12-year-old Chrisland student who died recently during the school’s inter-house sports event, has cried out to be allowed to mourn her child in the way she pleases.

The bereaved mother made this plea amid tears while addressing those criticizing her for flooding her Instagram page with photos and videos of her late daughter.

Blessing had taken to her Instagram page to share some of her beautiful moments with her daughter.

However, reacting to the posts, some netizens advised Blessing to take time off social media to heal from the loss.

Addressing her critics and advisers in a video she shared online, Blessing begged that she be allowed to remember her daughter in her own way.

According to her, the only image of her daughter in her head at the moment is her lifeless body lying on the hospital bed.

She said posting her photos online was to get rid of the image for her own sanity.

“I know many people are saying I should not post my daughter again. I shouldn’t look at her pictures, I shouldn’t post her. Some people have even come to my DM, some people have called me, oh you are hurting yourself more, don’t do it. Some people even said I should go off social media. I’m not doing it for anybody, I’m doing it for myself.

“The only image I have in my head is when I saw her lying in that bed lifeless. It’s stuck in my head. Whenever I close my eyes its the image I see. I need to let go of that image for my own sanity. I can’t even enter her room for now. I need to remember Desola. I need to see her face. I need to see the beautiful child she was. So I’m sorry if it offends you but allow me please”.

Watch her speak below,

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