Amidst the cheating confession and saga that recently took place on Twitter NG, a lot of takes and opinions have been flying around and it is not looking good for women in relationships.

The drama started when a young man with the handle @lamid3_ shared a screenshot of their partner admitting to cheating on them.

Lamide did this to join the trend where netizens ‘dump’ photos or memorable moments recorded in the month of September. It was quite obvious that Lamide’s September wasn’t a good one (emotionally).

His partner admitted to doing everything but s@x with her infidelity partner but this was not any form of consolation and it sparked a lot of reactions from people.

Netizens blamed the lady for cheating and other tried to console the poster that at least she did not have s@x so that ought to bring some sort of relief to him.

Twitter influencer, @ajebodanny saw things from a whole new perspective and decided to expose the menfolk.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Almost every guy has slept with somebody’s serious girlfriend, let’s not pretend.”

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