A woman’s marriage has tragically come to an end just five months after her wedding, as she claims to have experienced domestic violence at the hands of her husband.

Sharing photos from their wedding day, where they appeared happy and blissful, she revealed the reality behind the scenes.

The woman took to social media to expose the alleged abuse she endured throughout her short-lived marriage.

Images showing bruises inflicted on her were shared alongside a heartfelt message indicating her decision to leave the marriage.

In her emotional post, she declared,

“5 months of marriage. I am done fighting. He almost killed me. It is well.”


The revelation shocked online users who expressed their support and concern for her well-being.

The video capturing her story has gained  traction online, creating discussions about the importance of recognizing and addressing red flags in relationships, rather than turning a blind eye to such signs

Many netizens shared their views on the dangers of rushing into marriages without fully understanding a partner’s character.

They commended her courage to leave the abusive situation and  protect her self from further harm.

As the video continues to circulate, it as created a lot of discussions and debates online, surrounding domestic violence and the need to raise awareness about this issue.

Watch the video below:

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