Johnny Drille says

Sensational Nigerian singer, John Ighodaro a.k.a Johnny Drille, has taken to Twitter to share his aversion to popular Nigerian dish, “amala and ewedu”.

 Johnny Drille says

The Edo-born music star opined that the food combo, Amala and Ewedu, is ridiculously overrated by Nigerians. He insinuated that it is not worth all the hype it is getting.

He also maintained his stance and told anyone who have an issue with his opinion to block him because he will say it again.

Johnny Drille tweeted on Tuesday, March 2;

“Again, Amala and Ewedu are ridiculously overrated

Just block me now cos I’ll say it again”

See his tweet below,

A while ago, Johnny Drille revealed one of the highest things he has done all in the name of love.

The sensational Rhythm and Blues singer who’s known for a few hits like Wait For Me, Hallelujah and others, revealed on his Twitter page that there was a time he missed performing two shows in one weekend because he’d already made plans to hang out with a lady that weekend.

He then concluded his tweet with an affirmation that he excessively likes women. He wrote,

The highest I’ve done for love was to refuse two shows one weekend because I’d already made plans to hang out with one woman.

I too like woman 🤦🏽‍♂️

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