A US-Based Nigerian man, Francis Van-Lare has made an offer that may be hard to turn down.

Francis, who is also Amara Nwosu’s ex husband made the offer to Nigerian men, and it is currently trending on Facebook.

Francis who is based in the United states, promised to give any Nigerian man $2,000 in exchange for him to spend a week with their wives in Europe, Italy.

The in the post that has now gone viral on Facebook claims that the aim of the offer is to spice up marriages.

He also promised the women interested a gondola ride, breakfast in bed every morning, spa, massage, Italian fine wine and shopping.

Here’s the post he made on Facebook, as well as some reactions the post has garnered.

Will you accept my proposal ?

If you are married for less than 10 years and you need some spice in your life and willing to spend a week with me in Venice ITALY this summer and we go on a gondola ride together , breakfast for you in bed every morning , spa and massage , Italian fine wine, dancing , shopping etc . When you get back , you will be given $2,000 to give to your loving husband to thank him . Please post your best photo here and tell me why you should be chosen for this trip . Entry closes January 11, 2020 at 5pm GMT
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Some single Nigerian women and married Nigerian women including a Pastor’s wife accepted the offer and here are comments below;


  1. I know that Match maker man is up to something.
    Nigerian government should do something before that “God knows who” of man turns Nigerian clueless ladies to something else.

  2. Omo nothing wey musa no go see for gate, Niger people and money ???. See them, desperate women ????

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