Actress Nse Ikpe Etim‘s lesbian sister, Uyaiedu has called out her lesbian lover, Amara for allegedly abusing her while they were still dating.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Uyaiedu claimed that Amara loves violence as she once slapped her and would always scream at her whenever she’s upset.

Amara then replied, Uyai Ikpe-Etim’s allegation of being abusive, and she stated that less than 40% of what Uyai said is true, said over 60% is “okro”. She also maintained that she won’t apologize to her former partner for not looking out for herself or taking care of herself the way she should, Amara further alleged that she is projecting her insecurities on her.

The fight gained clout and it has been trending on Nigerian social media since yesterday.

Actor Okon Lagos then chipped in his two cents on the fight and he said that while he isn’t against anybody’s sexuality, it is surprising that Nigeria selectively enforces Law.

Commenting on the issue, he wrote ;

Im not prejudiced against anybody’s sexuality but as a supposed sovereign country of laws, why we selectively enforce our laws, is what I may never stop to ask: a feat that has bred in this regard, this audacity of a public expression! Regardless, I wish all of them happiness.

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