Amber rose speaking on this week’s edition of her online radio show “Loveline”, heaped a lot of praises on her former profession.

Amber, who was known as Paris during her stripping days, answered questions about her former career and gave advice to those who want to take on the profession..

She said:

‘When I was stripping it was the best time of my life,’A lot of men will offer you a lot of money to do a lot of things: don’t do it. Nothing is sexual.’Look at every single face in there as dollar signs. Go in there, make your money, go home, pay your bills.

‘Don’t do anything after, before or during, sexually,’ ‘It does become very tempting for a lot of girls because when money is involved, a lot of people will be willing to do a lot of things that they wouldn’t usually do.

If you keep your head up, stay off drugs, go in there, you make your money, it’s an honest living, it truly is.

‘If you’re comfortable with your body, I highly suggest it if you do it the right way.



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