American actress, Paris Hilton has revealed that she was moved to tears by a Nigerian man’s rare humanitarian act.

Paris Hilton moved

The man and founder of Chess In Slum Africa Initiative, Tunde Onakoya, had taken to Twitter to share an update on a little boy he found in the slums of Ikorodu in February 2021.

Paris Hilton moved

According to Tunde, he saw the boy picking scraps from the floor and took interest in him. He disclosed that he has adopted the boy and he started primary school on Monday, January 10.

Sharing before and after transformation photos of the boy, Tunde wrote,

“About a year ago, I found this little boy in the slums of ikorodu picking scrap from the floor. I adopted him and he has lived with me ever since then. Today is his first day at school,”

See a photo of the boy in his school uniform below,

The tweet went viral on social media and caught the eye of American media personality, Paris Hilton, who disclosed that she shed tears over the man’s kind act.

She tweeted, “Such a beautiful story. This made me cry. God bless you for making such a difference in his life. This is what humanity is about.”

See Tunde’s tweets below,

See Paris’ tweet below,


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