American rapper, Dr Dre, has celebrated being single again after 21 years of marriage to his ex-wife, Nicole Young, with a mini party.

Dr. Dre throws

The music executive was pictured posing with balloons that spell “DIVORCED AF” to mark his new single status, in a picture shared online by his friend, Breyon Prescott, on Thursday, December 9.

In the picture, he had a huge smile on his face and spread his arms to emphasize the message he was passing.

Dr. Dre throws

This epic move comes despite the fact that his estranged wife is still fighting for half of his $1 billion estate.

Meanwhile, the hip hop mogul is yet to post anything about the status of his divorce proceedings on his social media page.

In other news, popular American TV personality, Nick Cannon has lost his youngest child, Zen to brain cancer.

The father of seven who tearfully shared the announcement on his show, narrated how he and his family discovered Zen was battling Hydrocephalus, a form of brain cancer.

In his words ;

“I always noticed he had a cough and so I wanted to check it out. He had this interesting breathing and by the time he was two months I noticed he had this nice sized head too — a Cannon head. We didn’t think anything of it. But I wanted to take him to the doctor for his sinus and breathing. We thought it would be routine.”

The family soon discovered it wasn’t going to be a routine visit as Zen had fluid building in his head and it was a malignant tumor. The baby had brain surgery and a shunt to drain the fluid. Things however took a turn for the worse at Thanksgiving.

Cannon then tearfully shared that he held his son for the last time on Sunday. It is reported that Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed Zen in July. The family learned that Zen — who was Cannon’s seventh child — had been building up fluid in his brain that turned out to be a malignant tumor.

“This weekend I made an effort to spend the most quality time with Zen. We woke up on Sunday and went to the ocean with him and Alyssa and then I had to fly back to New York for the show,” he shared, breaking down in tears. “I got a call on my way to the airport to head back to Zen.”

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