An American lady, who identifies as Shanlavell James has shared in a video that she cheated on her husband with his best friend, and she’s set to divorce him because he lost his job.

Sharing several write-ups and a 3-minute video on her Facebook page she revealed that she never had plans to marry a broke man.

Her write-up read;


I came home from work and my husband told me he lost his job. I really tried to be a good wife and hold things down for about 30 days. I was tired of being the man of the house so I went out with his friend and one thing led to the next. His friend cashed out on me and showed me an amazing time. I missed being treated like a woman and had my husband not loss his job this wouldn’t have happened. He’s calling me a cheater but his job as a man was to provide. I was not wrong and I refuse for him and his family to tarnish my name. IDGAF what none of y’all on this post say. All y’all thought I was single and I have a whole husband! However, he’s the worst decision I’ve made. If I would have married a real man I wouldn’t have had to pay bills for no amount of time. Smh I’m tired of ya’ll on this internet tarnishing my name like I’m this bad person. I was a great wife but he failed as a husband. Smh I just want to get a divorce and be happy with his friend! Him and his mom keep disrespecting me and I’m fed up! Today makes 2 years since my husband proposed to me. (Married in June) When I said YES I said yes to a protector and a provider. I did not agree to marry a man that would end up broke at some point in our lives. I’m an extremely beautiful woman and I deserve a man that knows his job is to always take care of me and my children. I did what I did because promises were made to me that were broken. I don’t care what anyone think about me I’m the best thing that happened to that man and I will be even better to my next husband!!!!!!!! With that being said I FILED FOR DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Watch the video below,

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