American woman goes

An American woman, identified as Shanlavell James, is currently trending on social media after she dumped her husband because he lost his job and went broke.

Shanlavell, in a series of posts shared on Facebook, revealed that she decided to divorce her husband because he could no longer provide for her.

According to her, she didn’t agree to marry a man who would go broke at any point in his life and renege on his responsibility of providing and protecting her.

American woman goes

Speaking further, she revealed that she got tired of being the man of the house after providing for one month, and cheated on her husband with his rich friend.

She wrote,

“Today makes 2 years since my husband proposed to me. (Married in June) When I said YES I said yes to a protector and a provider. I did not agree to marry a man that would end up broke at some point in our lives. I’m an extremely beautiful woman and I deserve a man that knows his job is to always take care of me and my children. I did what I did because promises were made to me that were broken. I don’t care what anyone think about me I’m the best thing that happened to that man and I will be even better to my next husband!!!!!!!! With that being said I FILED FOR DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came home from work and my husband told me he lost his job. I really tried to be a good wife and hold things down for about 30 days. I was tired of being the man of the house so I went out with his friend and one thing led to the next. His friend cashed out on me and showed me an amazing time. I missed being treated like a woman and had my husband not loss his job this wouldn’t have happened. He’s calling me a cheater but his job as a man was to provide. I was not wrong and I refuse for him and his family to tarnish my name.”

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