Mother shares

A Nigerian woman has shared the testimony of how her son miraculously escaped being burnt in a domestic accident.

The mother, identified as Catherine Nwafor, took to her Instagram page to express gratitude to God for saving her son’s life one year after the incident.

Sharing a CCTV footage that captured the incident and recent videos of her son, the woman recalled how she was frying fish in the kitchen and her toddler went into the kitchen when no one was there and attempted to pull down the frying pan.

Mother shares

After several attempts to pull down the frying pan with hot oil, he succeeded in dragging it down and the content spilt on the floor, but thankfully, an adult saw him in the nick of time and pulled him away.

Catherine, who is extremely thankful to God for overturning the outcome of the incident, said the angels of God took away what was supposed to cause her family pain.

She captioned the video,

“(U was frying fish) 1 yr ago the devil came to steal our joy but God conquered 🙏🙏🙏the Angels of God took away what was suppose to keep us in pains, Appearently my todler walked into the kitchen and this what happened? 🥲🥲this God? oh thank you jesus🙏from this day i knew God exist. we only got this video from our CCTV Review.🙏🙏God i thank you 🙏🙏”

Watch below,

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