About two days ago, well known interior designer, Ehi Ogbehor, confirmed that her less than one year marriage to Warri billionaire, Ken Bramor was over – she’d dropped comments on his friend’s Instagram page writing,

“This devil incarnate”

“Pretending to help the world. Yet, his immediate family lives in penury. Occultic beast.”

Fast forward to hours later, the designer has now tendered an apology to him as she shared reconciliation videos of herself, her hubby with their daughter.

Posting on Instagram, Ehi wrote;

“Been cin some funny news going around … so husband n wife can’t have small quarrel in peace….. chineke!!! ?? bloggers una noi get content or what…. Ok been serious now …. My Husband is not and will never be a CULTIST….. GOD IN HEAVEN KNOES THAT…..WHEN PPLE SAY U R MAD DOESNT MEAN THE PERSON DON PULL CLOTH……..My anger that day got the better part of me…. and am TRULY SORRY….. AM NOT PERFECT……i repeat…… AM NOT PERFECT… HE without sin shd cast the first STONE …….? Thanks so much FAM for the love towards my family …. We appreciate… God bless you guys … but from now on am totally taking my private affairs OFF THE GRAM ? … MY MISTAKE … I ADMIT …. I LOVE MY HUSBAND DEARLY..I ADORE HIM…. AND YES WE ARE VERY VERY MARRIED…. ? ….”

Watch the videos below,



  1. Plz ma if you have any issue with ya husband stop bringing it up here…… Learn how to control ur anger cos many people are waiting for u to breakup with your husband some are even ur friends,ur family is awesome….

  2. Aunty social media dose not record errors done by people that are not celebrities, or Wealthy, they are always looking for bad news to publish, so anyone that gives them what to make money with they don’t waste time publishing it so be wise, nobody wen no get mad man for his /her family but na u wen point ur own give person go make the person know ur own….
    Anger is bad I know but learn to manage it if possible do burial for ur anger cos it would help u alot mostly wen u get married to such Wealthy and famous man or celebrity
    U keep ur eyes blind
    Ur ears deaf
    And focus on ur family cos there are people u don’t see that focus particularly on ur down fall without u knowing. .
    I love u and I pray u enjoy ur marriage, Amen😘

  3. But how can one woman be this confused? In fact, u are more confused than PDP in choosing Atiku to run for presidency. What type of stupid anger will make a married woman call her husband an occultic on social media of alll places???You need help Aswear


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