A viral video has captured an angry wife assaulting a call girl in a brothel after she found out she slept with her husband.

The wife is said to have followed her husband after she discovered photos of him and the call girl on his phone on Wednesday, January 25.

The enraged wife arrived at the massage parlor in Phuket, Thailand, after her husband had left, but discovered the hooker sitting in a chair.

When she met the lady, whom she claimed was intimate with her husband, the wife ripped a towel off her, leaving her naked.

Not stopping there, she landed several slaps and punches on the young woman, who pleaded for forgiveness as she struggled to free herself.

“I didn’t know he had a wife.” She said

Footage of the attack showed the woman standing over the terrified lady as she tried to grab her phone from her.

The police have now launched an investigation into the incident. It is reported that an hour with one of the women who work at the parlor costs around £49 per hour.

Reacting to the viral video, the Mueang Phuket Provincial Police Station’s, Colonel Sarawut Chuprasit said in a statement,

“Officers are checking where the incident occurred. Nobody recognizes that massage place. There have been no complaints from any of the people involved, but I encourage the victim to report the incident to police. We will investigate it urgently for them.”

Watch the video below,

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