When Annie Idibia took to her Instagram to make controversial posts, calling out unnamed mother(s) who use their children against their fathers, some of her fans assumed she was targeting the mother of 2baba’s three children, Pero Adeniyi.

Now, a lady who alleges she is Pero’s sister is embroiled in a messy fight with Annie, accusing the actress of ‘sending evil messages’ to Pero’s children, plus refusing 2baba the opportunity of seeing his other children.

But Annie vehemently denies these accusations. In her rebuttal, the BeOlive Hair CEO said she was not targeting anyone. “I ain’t throwing no shades,” Annie replied, before asking the lady to leave her page.



This brings to mind Annie’s interview with Motherhood In-Style where she praised Sumbo (the mother of 2baba’s sons, Nino and Zion), but had ‘civil’ words when asked about Pero Adeniyi.

Pero and 2baba caught kissing in a Lagos club in 2015.
Pero and 2baba caught kissing in a Lagos club in 2015.

When asked about her relationship with Sumbo and Pero, here’s what Annie said:

On Sumbo: ‘I love my boys. I wish I could share the same with the others…I have a very good relationship with the boys and their mum. My daughter has a good relationship with their mum too.’

On Pero: ‘I try to keep it civil with everybody; I make sure I am accessible enough. The kids come visiting. I try to be civil in a way that they are comfortable with allowing their kids to visit their dad. I mean, I’m cool if you’re cool.”

Although Pero Adeniyi is yet to speak up, it would seem that the claims have some substance to them.


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